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About the Course Copy Tool

The Faculty Course Copy tool provides faculty members with the ability to copy their own courses or selected content items from courses.

You are ready to copy if...

You must have a shell for the upcoming term (the term into which you wish to put your content). Request a shell in All steps required for this process & how to information are found on our Course Request Page.

Checkbox You must be enrolled as the instructor in both the source course AND the destination course.
Checkbox If you want to copy an entire course ("full content copy"), the destination shell must be entirely blank, with no announcements, documents, links, or content posted in it.


How to Copy


Copy everything, including my gradebook set-up.

I want to make a course copy to an entirely empty destination shell.


How To: Video | Text Instructions


Select individual content items and course tools to be copied.

I will not be able to copy my entire gradebook set-up.

My destination shell may or may not have content already in it.

How To: Video | Text Instructions


If you need help or have questions, please see our troubleshooting page .


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