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In the directions below, the term "source course" refers to the course shell from which you wish to copy the content; the term "destination course" refers to the course shell in which you wish to place the content.

Copy Tips

  • Instructors may selected items into an existing shell. Instructors may select any of their active courses to copy from, however, the default source course will be the course used to access the Faculty Course Copy Tool.
  • Instructors may choose the course features to be copied, including syllabus, doc sharing, webliography, announcements, and gradebook setup. Note that gradebook will ONLY copy if you select a full content copy.
  • Only instructor input is copied. Student postings to webliography, discussion threads, doc sharing, and dropboxes will not be copied. Student grades will not be copied.
  • When copying content items, instructors may select the entire unit and copy all items from the unit to a newly created unit in the destination course. Instructors may also select individual items to copy and choose an existing unit or create a new unit in the destination course.
  • View Copy Status reports are available from within the course shells. Reports include both summary and detail information listing of all copy requests. Due to the potentially large volume of course being copied, it may take up to 48 hours for the course copy process to complete.

The instructions below are to select content to copy into a course shell.

Note: The full gradebook set up will NOT COPY doing the steps below.


1. On the Tools menu, click Course Admin.

course tools menu showing course admin tab


2. Click Copy Course Content.


3. Click Select Content to Copy.

screenshot of selecting some content radio button


4. Click Next.


5. Select the content source and destination. In the dropdown lists provided, specify the source term and course to copy.

  • Specify the content source: In the dropdown lists provided, select the course from which you will copy content.
  • Specify the destination: In the dropdown lists provided, select the destination term and course to which you will copy the selected content.

screenshot of copy content selection window


6. Click Next.


7. You can add a new lesson and copy all content. This will add a new lesson to the destination shell and copy all the existing content into that new lesson. To do this, select the first check box at the top of each lesson listed on the lefthand (source course) side of the page.
You can also copy specific items in the lesson or module. This will allow you to use the available dropdown lists to specify the lesson or module in the desitination shell into which the selected content should be copied. To do this, select the check box for every piece of desired content listed on the lefthand (source course) side of the page.

screenshot showing selection of individual content items


8. Click Next. A summary page displays. Verify you have selected the correct source term and course and the correct destination term and course for your copy.

screenshot of copy content items confirmation page


9. Click Copy Course Content.


10. A confirmation message will display. Click View Copy Status to see your copy request listed in the system queue. If you view the copy status immediately upon submitting the request, you may see a status of "waiting." If this happens, wait a couple minutes and click the View Copy Status button again; this will allow the system to refresh and show you the current status of your course copy.

screenshot of view copy status button


11. Once a copy request is made, the system indicates to you the following status types: Waiting, Completed, and Error. The copy status summary will show you the copy status for all courses copied in the last two weeks. The system indicates one of the following statuses:

  • Waiting: Often this status displays when you click View Copy Status immediately after requesting a course copy. Wait a minute or two and return to the View Status page to see the current status.
  • Complete: A successful copy displays "complete" in green text indicating the copying process was completed without any errors.
  • Error: When the system encounters a problem in the course copy, it displays a processing error in red text.

screenshot of various copy status outcomes



12. Click any status link for more details. In the case of an error, click the link to see the items that did not copy successfully.

screenshot of course copy error reporting


13. If you like, click Start a New Course Copy to start over.

screenshot of button for starting another course copy


If you need help or have questions, please see our troubleshooting page .



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