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Building Course Content



Create a Syllabus (Syllabus Tool)
Delete Syllabus Items
Reorder Syllabus Items

eLearning Staff Suggestion: the Syllabus Tool
Tip: Top 10 Syllabus Tips
Syllabus Template Word Document


Add a Unit Introduction
Adding Units
Hide a Unit
Delete a Unit
Rename Units and Use Name for Navigation

Reorder Units
Schedule a Unit
Change Unit Heading Name
Tip: Rearranging Units


Content Items

How to Add content items
-Text Multimedia type
-Web Content Upload type
-MS Office Document type
-Exam type
-Threaded Disucssion Type
Hide or Show Content Items
Rename or Delete Content Items
Reorder or Move Content Items

Schedule Content Items
Toolbox for Content Items
Adding a PDF File

PowerPoint Alternatives

Tip: Uploading documents in LearningStudio
Tip: MS Word Content Item Alignment Issues
Tip: Reordering Content Items under a Unit
Tip: External Website Access Within a Course


Formatting content (Visual Editor)

Formatting Content (Visual Editor)
Design & HTML View
Plain Text Editor
Link to Images, Files, and Websites
Math Equation Editor

Design Tips: MS Office Documents
Design Tips: Visual Editor
Tip: Accessibility and Link Text
Tip: Add Clickable Links to Images


Threaded Discussion

About Threaded Discussions
Add Threads
Manage Thread Topics
Thread Preferences (Course Admin)
Delete Threads
Grade Threads

View Threads
Print Threads
Respond to Threads
Tip: Grade Threads without Opening Gradebook Tip: Threaded Discussions Too Wide?
Tip: Different types of threaded discussions
Tip: Use Threaded Discussion for a Virtual Office


Course Home

Course Home
Course Checklist
Course Introduction
What's New

Tip: Encourage Students to Use Course Checklist Design Tip: Course Home Introduction Tips
Design Tip: Include an Instructor Biography under Course Home



Add Announcements
Edit or Delete Announcements
View Announcements

Design Tips
Tip: Schedule Announcements
Tip: Announcing...Announcements
Tip: Using Announcements Effectively

Exams and Quizzes

How to create an exam
Add questions
Question Pools
Test banks
Edit exams
Exam Preferences (Toolbox)
*New*: One Question per PagePDF document
Delete exams
Preview Exam
Exam Statistics
Reset or grant additional time

Design Tips: Gradebook and Exams
Online Exam Tips & Tricks
Exam Answer Alignment
Granting Additional Exam Time Options
Exams and Disabilities
Showing Students Their Exam Grades
Allowed Time for Exams



Course Tools




Gradebook Enhancements -December 2013

Setup Gradebook
About the Gradebook
How to set up gradebook
Add items to gradebook
Select gradeable items
Assign points and weights
Assign Extra Credit
Exclude grades
Set gradebook preferences
Preview gradebook settings

How to set up rubrics
Assess Rubrics

View and Manage Grades
Assign and change grades
Reset or grant additional time
Grade Details view
Share grades with student
View grades

View user activity
Export grades
Gradebook Import/Export Utility

Gradebook Tips and Tricks
Design Tips: Gradebook and Exams PDF document
Tip: User Activty
Tip: Grades to Date
Tip: A Weighting Primer
Tip: Showing Students Their Exam Grades
Tip: Enter Pass/INC/Fail instead of letter grade
Online Grading Suggestions PDF document




Live (Chat and Whiteboard)


About Live

Add, Edit and Delete Chatrooms
Chat Logs
Participate in Chat

Class Live
Audio and Messaging
Participate in Class Live
Plan and Publish Sessions
Session Archives


Doc Sharing


Upload Files to Share
Mark Files as Shared or Private
Download Shared Files
Edit Shared Files
Delete Shared Files


Categories for Shared Files
View Download History

Tips for uploading documents in LearningStudio
Tip: Re-Ordering Doc Sharing Files




Create Baskets
Edit or Delete Baskets and Items
Grade Dropbox Items
Link Content Items to Dropbox
Move Items to Another Basket

View Dropbox Items
Restrict Access to Dropbox after Deadline
MS Word creating Macros & Comments for PC pdf
MS Word 2008 for Mac: Comments & Tracked Changes pdf

Turnitin integration with Dropbox
Configuration of Dropbox for TurnItIn
Dropbox/TurnItIn Assignment Grading
Turnitin User Experience (Originality Reports) pdfViewing an Originality Report (from TurnItIn.Com) About Originality Check
Frequently Asked Questions for Integration

Tips for uploading documents in Pearson LearningStudio
Tip: Renaming Dropbox Baskets






Tip: Private Journal Entries




Add Categories
Add Entries
Delete Entries

Edit Entries
Search Entries
Tip: The Webliography

Course Management


Course Admin/Course Preferences


Set Course Preferences (Course Admin)
General Information and Settings
*New Feature to General Information and Setting
Enable or Disable Tools
Path Builder
Setup Path Builder
Threaded Discussion Preferences
Schedule Course Content

Course Enrollment
Group Management
User Profile

Tip: The Global Unit Scheduler

Tip: Time Stamps
Tip: Save time with the Course Scheduler
Tip: Enable/Disable Class Tools and Items


Manage Files and Folders


Manage Files and Folders
Add or Delete Folders
Delete Files
Upload or Download Files
Upload Streaming Media Files


Faculty Copy Tool

Faculty Copy Tool: About & Pre-Copy Checklist
Copy All Content
Select Content to Copy
Copy Tool Troubleshooting

Verify enrollments
Password Reset


Multimedia & Publisher Content


Embed Audio and Video into LearningStudio


Take your Course to the Next Level


Multimedia & Teaching Tools


Publisher Content in LearningStudio




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